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Sat 27 November saw members together again (the last time was November 2019) enjoying lots of 60s music, courtesy of Tony Tutton’s new group ‘Simply 60s’.
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Stop Press!

Virtual Tour of the London Christmas Lights

Hello to all those who are not ready yet to venture out into London!
Exploring London Group 4 invites you to join them on a wander to experience the West End through a Virtual Tour of the Christmas Lights.
Here is how Amber Tallon, who will do the walking instead of you, describes what she wants to show you:-
"London is amazing on any day, but it's even more spectacular at Christmas time! Join me for a virtual wander through London's West End, from Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden. We'll learn about the festive traditions which make London so special, from gifts of Norwegian trees to Twelfth Night cakes. For those who won't get to explore London in person this year, this is the perfect opportunity to see some of the 2021 lights which decorate our glittering capital city at the moment. As well as looking at what Christmas is like now, we'll delve into how Christmas has been celebrated in this country over the centuries - including in wartime! - and learn the origins of some of our best-loved Christmas traditions. Mince pies, mistletoe, pantomime, and more!"
If you are interested: the date is Friday 10th December at 10am via zoom (or you can watch the recording). The cost to join is £9. Please ring me, Sonja Park 07979603837 or email at sonja.park@sky.com.

The Third Age Trust has sent us a U3A Advent Calender! Click here to link to it.

Would you like to be involved in a scientific project to transcribe the hand-written notebooks of Sir Humphrey Davy (1778 -1829)? If so, click here (PDF) for more information.

Exploring London 1
Following the hiatus caused by the pandemic, this group has now got space for new members. If you'd like to join the group, please contact Elaine Evans.

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