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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Spiritual Explorations

Group Leader: Andrea Steverson, Tel. 01438 715806. Email Andrea.stev@hotmail.co.uk

Meetings are held on first Saturday of every month, between 10.00 am. and 12.00 am. in Andrea's home in Old Welwyn.

The objective in starting up this group is to give people, living within a secular society, a forum in which to share and air their spiritual views and questions. We are very fortunate to live within a society which tolerates and encourages free religious expression and we have a huge choice of religious institutions to support the needs of those people who wish to express their spirituality within the structure of a faith system. However, faith, dogmas, creeds and set forms of worship are not for everyone. So is it possible to be 'spiritual' without being 'religious' and what is the difference? Is spirituality the prerogative of the church or is it possible to experience and express our spirituality in different ways....perhaps outside of a faith system? In what ways could we do this? Do we perhaps do this already....without realising it? How about discussing these issues with others facing the same dilemma.

Are you more than just your body?
Religious traditions across time and across the world have always claimed this to be true but have asked us to believe this as a matter of faith. Mainstream science dismisses the idea...but some highly qualified, cutting edge scientists are committing scientific heresy by seriously exploring this as a real possibility. Would you like to find out more?
Are telepathy , telekinesis, precognition, remote viewing possible? Is there evidence to support spontaneous remission of cancer and spiritual healing? Have you experienced any of these phenomena?

Do we survive death regardless of our faith or lack of it.?
N.D.Es or near death experiences are becoming quite 'mainstream' within our secular culture. Do they perhaps provide intriguing evidence of what we all may experience at the point of death, regardless of our beliefs. Some scientists are convinced that the NDE is a very real phenomenon which cannot be glibly explained away as a brain malfunction or a drug issue and that they are therefore worthy of further investigation. These scientists are challenging mainstream scientific prejudices by their insistence that we will only come to more fully understand the nature of human consciousness by investigating these anomalies of consciousness, rather than ignoring them. One NDE experiencer, Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was a member of the mainstream reductionist scientific community, until he recently experienced his own NDE. He has now changed his views about the validity of reductionist science and is totally convinced that human consciousness survives death.
Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe in reincarnation? Are these two possibilities incompatible with each other? Would you like the chance to explore the latest evidence for both and to discuss the issue of death, which appears to be a taboo in our society.

Ghosts, poltergeists, angels, contact with deceased loved ones.....all of these have been experienced by millions of people across time and cultures.....they are all witnesses to the fact that something that we do not understand is happening all of the time. But just because these anomalies do not fit into our mainstream scientific model of reality, should we dismiss them as fantasy? Have any of you experienced any of these phenomena. Would you like to explore the evidence for their existence ?

Who/what are we....where have we come from?
Dr. Robert Lanza, author of ' The Biocentric Universe' was cited by the New York Times recently as being one of the three most influential scientists in the world today. His theory of Biocentrism has led him to the conclusion that life creates the universe ...not the other way around ....and that death is an illusion!! Both of these statements are heretical in terms of mainstream science and yet mystics as well as Buddhism and the Vedas have been saying the same thing for millennia. Would you be interested in exploring and comparing the viewpoints of mystical/spiritual /religious traditions and those of some contemporary scientists?
It's actually quite scary when you discover areas where they agree.

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