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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Philosophy '1' Study Group

Meetings are held on Friday mornings from 9:00am to 12 noon at 33, Reddings, Welwyn Garden City.

Group Leader: Ann Smith, 'phone 01707 893933

We learn through individuals reading to the group from books by philosophers ancient and current, and also through discussionn of points raised in the session. Everyone's view is courteously listened to.

Philosophy '2' Study Group

Meetings are held at members' homes, on alternate Fridays from 14.15 to 16.30 (including mid-break).

Group Leader: Brian Connelly, 01438 716251

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ - Socrates, 4thC BC

This famous quote by Socrates sums up our group’s ethos. We aim to develop our knowledge and understanding of Western philosophy through the study of its key thinkers, debates and ideas from classical times to the present day. The group also aims to assess philosophy’s contemporary relevance, thus how far we can apply philosophical insights to our lived experience to help us understand our lives and times better, and act and live in a more informed way.

We operate through programmes of study lasting several months to a year which all members contribute to through the preparation and presentation of papers or talks at our fortnightly sessions. Past programmes have included the philosophers of ethics, a comparison of western and non-western philosophical thinkers, and a philosophical investigation into the impact of the internet on our lives. Sessions on the application of philosophy to current events and issues have included looking at assisted dying, the refugee crisis, and the implications of artificial intelligence. The group is currently full but we maintain a waiting list.

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