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Pictures from our recent Garden Party
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Stop Press!

The headset microphone that we use at Ludwick often produces crackles, and we think that it might be faulty. Before we go to the expense of replacing it, do we have an electronic engineer amongst our members who is able to see if it can be repaired? If you are such a person, please contact Roger Swaine (roger.swaine1@btinternet.com). Thanks!

Notices for 17/10/18

We are looking for members to join the committee, don’t be shy please come forward. Should you be interested in finding out more please speak with any committee member. Come along and sit in on a committee meeting so you can see what’s involved. It is really important that we get new members joining the committee so we have continuity into the future. At the next AGM in March, the following will be standing down: Judy our Treasurer having served 9 years, Ann our Vice Chair having served 5 years, fortunately for us she is willing to continue as Groups Co-ordinator, and Suzanne our Chair, having served 5 years. It will be difficult, if not impossible for WelHat U3A to continue should these posts not be filled.

Tickets at £28.00, for the Christmas Dinner at Homestead Court on Wednesday 12 December, will be on sale at Wednesday morning meetings from 30 October, please contact Linda Kent-Taylor for more information.

A provisional booking has been made for 42nd Street at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London on Wednesday 28 November at 2.30pm. The coach will leave Hatfield at 1.00pm, cost will be around £45.00 tbc. Tickets will be on sale at Wednesday morning meetings from 24 October, please contact Pam Williams for more information.

Opera Appreciation & Playreading Group 1 both require new leaders if they are to be able to continue, should you be interested please contact Ann Davies, Groups Co-ordinator.

New Members are invited to attend the New Members Coffee Morning on Monday 29 October at Verulam Hall, WGC at 10.00am.

University of Hertfordshire Philosophy department are holding philosophy seminars 'given by an academic, but presented in an accessible way for members of the public'. For more details please contact Finlay Malcolm, f.malcolm@herts.ac.uk.

Diaries are now on sale £2.50 each

Saturday November 10th, Tony Tutton’s band, the Beaucrees are playing at the WGC cricket club, £5 each including light buffet supper. Tickets from the cricket club. Tony has more details.

Your help has been requested at a Herts university inter generational event-see link for details.
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