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Welwyn Hatfield

The travel group and Janina on their last morning in Montenegro. We had a very good time and many adventures despite the weather! We would all like to say a very big loud THANK YOU to Jean, Kathy and Tony for organising it.

Stop Press!

Tina has tickets for "The Wipers Times", 1st October, Watermill Theatre, Newbury. See the "Theatre Trips" group page for more information.

Please note the booking date for the following Arts Appreciation trip:-

Tuesday 13 September to Blenheim Palace, cost £27.50. Tickets on sale on Wednesday 8, 22, 29 June and 6 July. Judith Page is organising (01707 332488).

There have been complaints from residents about the parking on the road in front of Ludwick Family Centre. If you plan to park here, please could you ensure that you 'follow the trend' and park on the same side as those cars already parked. This ensures that delivery lorries and emergency vehicles can pass through. Many thanks.

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